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As vehicle engines become older, internal engine components can fail or deteriorate. Many people choose to purchase a new car. But in today's economy even more people hope to save money by completing repairs.

An engine diagnostic test іs performed to learn more about why the engine is not functioning properly. Engine diagnostics can be performed by skilled mechanics with the proper equipment. Our Technicians gather data to find out what is causing your current concerns. Our Advisors share their findings with you, using photos along with detailed notes written by our Technicians. If you choose our Team to perform the repair, our Technicians will use this data to assist them when repairing your vehicle. In very difficult situations, further diagnostics and repairs may be needed. Our Advisors will inform you if this situation applies to you.

Performing engine diagnostics can start by plugging a device into the car's onboard computer. This is normally located just under the dashboard on the driver's side of the car. The tool communicates wіth the computer, returning diagnostic codes for our Technician. If there are any stored code data, such as when your vehicle has displayed a check engine light, it'll show in the diagnostic tool. This is just a starting point for our Technicians. It shows us which area of the vehicle is causing the concern, which assists us in completing further research.

When you bring your vehicle in for diagnostics, be sure to document and share as many details as possible. It can be helpful for our Technician to know details about your concern, such as what it feels like, sounds like, how often it happens, and how long you have been experiencing these concerns. Make sure you share all of these details with our Advisors when you bring your vehicle in for your appointment.

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