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Troy and Kori Vaninetti - Owners | Graham Auto Repair

Troy and Kori Vaninetti - Owners

Troy and Kori Vaninetti are both long time residents of this area and have been offering complete car care to their Graham neighbors since 2006. Troy began serving people of this community back in October of 1988 where he worked as a Texaco gas station service attendant. He worked hard and gained knowledge to become an assistant technician, then full technician, lead technician, and eventually manager. Troy then decided to purchase the business from the current owners to become new owner of Graham Auto Repair in 2006.

As the area grew, the need for car care excellence did, too. Graham Auto was going to meet the need with the purchase of land and eventual construction of a new state of the art facility. With the focus of the company being primarily on customer service, comfort, and convenience, the new facility was designed, built, and filled with cutting edge technology and equipment, highly trained technicians, top notch customer service staff, a thoughtful and comfortable waiting area, and a well lit and covered service entrance for weather friendly delivery no matter the season.

Rick Janoski - Shop Operations Manager | Graham Auto Repair

Rick - Shop Operations & Services Manager

Rick has been in the Auto Repair Industry since 1975. He originally joined us at Graham Auto Repair in 2010 as an ASE Certified Master Technician with multiple Major Dealership Certifications; before transitioning into Management. He is also a certified member of the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) where he stays current on trainings and leadership certifications. Rick was attracted to the Automotive Industry by muscle cars; after working on them he found that he was very good at it! His favorite thing about being part of our Team at Graham Auto Repair is the Atmosphere and Culture of Teamwork, with the vision to make a positive impact. He loves being able to make a difference in people's lives.

Rick is originally from Birmingham, AL. He is married to his wife, Sandra, and enjoys mentoring his grandson, Isaiah. They share their household with cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds. When Rick is not at work he enjoys fishing, growing his own food, ceramics, and reading self-reflection books.

Rob - Service Writer | Graham Auto Repair

Rob - Service Advisor

Rob has been in the Automotive Industry since 2009 and he joined our Team as a Service Advisor in 2016. Rob has completed the Advanced Service Writing courses through the Automotive Training Institute (ATI). He enjoys learning more about the Automotive Industry, and so he attends conferences and seminars to stay current in the field. He has always enjoyed working on motorcycles, cars, hot rods and loves anything to do with Automotive Mechanics.

Rob grew up in Everett, WA. He joined the Army at 18 and ended in Fort Lewis, WA. He now lives locally and shares his home with his two cats, Rosco and Molly. When he is not providing excellent Customer Service here at Graham Auto Repair, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing the guitar, and playing video games.


Brian - Service Advisor | Graham Auto Repair

Brian - Service Advisor

Brian joined our Team as a Service Advisor in 2019. Brian has worked in the Automotive Industry in several different capacities since 2003. He served our country in the Marines from 2005-2009. He loves everything to do with cars - from driving them, to building and repairing them, and to talking to other people about them. 

Brian was born in Germany (he was an Army Brat!) but grew-up in Graham, Washington, attending all of the local schools. His daughter, Rilynn, is his world! He enjoys riding horses, and taking his daughter to the beach. He also likes to build and work on project cars with his dad and brothers. He has always had a passion for helping people and he loves how being a Service Advisor at Graham Auto Repair has opened up opportunities for him to serve our community.


Shannan M. - Bookkeeper | Graham Auto RepairShannan - Bookkeeper

Shannan came to Graham Auto in 2009 after meeting the Vaninetti family at church. Shannan got her start in Bookkeeping when her children were young, helping with the ASB Budgets at their Elementary School in 1991. After that Shannan worked part time for the church where she met The Vaninetti Family. Shannan enjoys making sure that everything is in balance, and making things better for the people around her. She loves adding her creative touch to things by making gift certificates, stickers, forms, and more!

Shannan was born in Bellingham, WA and she has spent most of her life in the Pierce County area. She graduated from our local Bethel High School. Shannan and her husband Danny have been married since 1977 and together they have two beautiful daughters, and three granddaughters. When not keeping everything checked and balanced here at Graham Auto Repair, Shannan enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, camping, and reading historical fiction.

Lacie Ugelstad - Marketing Manager | Graham Auto RepairLacie - Digital Media & Marketing Manager

Lacie joined our Team in April 2019. She met Troy and Kori when she was a teenager, at church. Her Mom is Shannan Marshall, who has been working at Graham Auto Repair since 2009. Lacie has always admired the business that Troy and Kori have built here in Graham, and how they value and exhibit integrity in everything they do.

Lacie has lived in Washington all of her life; but one day she hopes to travel the country (and the world) with her family. She married her husband, Daryll, in 2013. She has two adult stepsons, Tristen and Tyler, from her first marriage. She also has two daughters, Shianna and Evangelina. She loves video-editing and has a Family YouTube channel called, “Living One Day Today.” She has been doing volunteer Digital Media & Marketing for the Steilacoom Tribe for years and she enjoys writing, art, photography, and learning new technology.

John Stringfellow - Shop Foreman/Technician | Graham Auto Repair

John - Shop Foreman/Technician

John is our Master Technician and he joined our team in 2016. John was born in Saigon, Southern Vietnam. He has been in the Automotive Industry since 1984; and as such, he has a vast knowledge and many certifications to his name. He currently holds his Nissan, Infinity, Chrysler Senior Specialist, and ASE Master Certifications. John always enjoyed helping his Dad work on cars when he was young; so as an adult he decided to enter the Marines and become an Instructor at the Motor Transport School. John LOVES fixing everything, which is one of his favorite things about his career; also the honesty and integrity that he can bring to the industry, and the satisfaction of being able to repair something that others couldn't.

John and his girlfriend, Yvonne, enjoy living on a small farm. They have a plethora of critters that call their farm home. When not tending to their chickens, goats, cats, and dogs, John enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing, and working in his garden. 

David - Auto Tech | Graham Auto Repair

Dave - Certified Automotive Technician

David Dempsey is a returning member to our Team at Graham Auto Repair. He worked with us previously in 2015 and returned to our Team in May 2019. He has been working in the Auto Industry since 1996. He got started when he bought his first car - he couldn't afford to pay someone else to work on it, so he decided to learn how to do it himself. He loved it so much that he decided to make it his career! His favorite thing about being an Automotive Technician is the feeling of accomplishment; to be able to finish a job well and say, "I did that!"

David was born in Portland, Oregon; and he grew up living all over the country, before calling Washington his home. He is married to his wife, Jessica; and he has two children: Kalel and Jedi. Their family also has a dog named Atlas. David really enjoys spending time with his family; and when he has spare time he likes to work on welding and building projects.

Tyler - Auto Tech | Graham Auto Repair

Tyler - Certified Automotive Technician

Tyler joined our Team in 2020. He has been in the Automotive Industry since 2013. He grew up working on cars with his Dad and on the weekends they would go to Car Races together. That sparked his interest right away; he enjoyed the satisfaction of taking apart something that was broken and putting it back together fixed. He has ASE Certifications in both Steering and Suspension. As an adult he still enjoys the satisfaction that he gets from fixing broken cars. He loves being able to fix up a customer's vehicle so that they drive away with a positive experience.

Tyler is a Washingtonian; he grew up in Sumner and Federal Way. In addition to building and racing cars, Tyler loves spending quality time with his family by camping in the summer. He and his wife Dana have two children, Jaxon and Kylie. Their family has two dogs, Leo and Murphy.

Justin - Apprentice Tech | Graham Auto Repair

Justin - Apprentice Technician

Justin joined our Team at Graham Auto Repair, as an Apprentice, in 2019. Justin grew up in Ashford and Conrad, Montana; before calling Washington his home. He took Auto Shop in High School because he wanted to learn how to fix his own vehicles. He was given the opportunity for a position at a Tire Shop for almost four years before moving back to Washington. He loves working on different vehicles, and completing new challenges every day.

Justin is engaged, and he has 3 dogs and 5 cats. In his free time he loves doing anything outdoors; including fishing, hunting, and off-roading. He is also a novice welder.

Nic - Porter / Trainer | Graham Auto RepairNic - Certified Automotive Technician / Trainer / Porter

Nic joined our Team at Graham Auto Repair in 2017. He was born in Eugene, OR and he grew-up in Vacaville, CA. Growing up, Nic’s father was a Forklift Mechanic, which sparked his interest in becoming a Mechanic himself. He began his career in the Automotive Industry in 2002 when he joined the U.S. Army. He got started by working on Humvees. His career in the U.S. Army is what brought him to Washington, where he lives now. He has trained in several different areas within the U.S. Army, including: US Army Aviation, US Army Infantry, OH-58 Crew Chief, and UH-60 “Black Hawk” Helicopter Technician.

One of Nic’s favorite things about his career is being able to learn new things, all the time. At Graham Auto Repair he loves it when he gets the opportunity to see a big smile on a customer’s face, after an annoying noise has been fixed on their vehicle. When he isn’t working, Nic enjoys building models and working on classic cars. He has two cats named Sarah and Jäger.