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ASE Certified Master Technician Bill - BMW and Mercedes Benz Specialist

Graham Auto Repair - ASE Certified Master Tech, BMW Repair Specialist in Graham, WA 98338

Meet Bill, our ASE Certified Master Technician. Bill has specialized training in European Vehicle repairs. Which cars does Bill enjoy working on the most? His favorite is BMW repairs and Mercedes Benz repairs. Bill started out in the Automotive Industry in 1998 and he has been serving on our Team since August 2020. One thing that you may be interested to learn about Bill: He does Autocross Racing and has earned multiple awards!

What does it mean to be an ASE Certified Technician? Bill has completed all of his ASE Certifications and continuously renews them, every time they expire. Acquiring these certifications isn't easy! And in order to renew them, you have to re-take the tests. What does "ASE" stand for? I'm glad you asked! ASE stands for "Automotive Service Excellence." In case you'd like to read more about the ASE testing, check out their site.

BMW Repair Specialist at Graham Auto Repair in Graham, WA 98338

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