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Winter Service Special

Winter Service Special

Winter-Ready Vehicles: Navigating Safety With Our $199 Winter Service Special! As the winter chill sets in, we invite you to prioritize your safety on the road. Ensuring your vehicle is winter-ready is not just about vehicle performance. It's a critical step in securing your safety on the road! At Graham Auto Repair, our team is dedicated to your safety on the road. As part of our commitment to take care of our customers, we want to share our $199 Winter Service Special. But before we get into the details of this special, let's dive into some essential services that will prepare your vehicle for winter. 1. Tire Rotation: Tire rotations, which are included in our "Winter Service Special," are a proactive step to prevent uneven tire wear and to enhance tire grip on icy roads. Uneven tire wear poses additional risks in snowy & icy road conditions. A tire rotation is included in the regular cost of our " ... read more