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Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready? Find Out at Graham Auto Repair

Winter-Ready Vehicles: Navigating Safety With Our $199 Winter Service Special!

As the winter chill sets in, we invite you to prioritize your safety on the road. Ensuring your vehicle is winter-ready is not just about vehicle performance. It's a critical step in securing your safety on the road! At Graham Auto Repair, our team is dedicated to your safety on the road. As part of our commitment to take care of our customers, we want to share our $199 Winter Service Special. But before we get into the details of this special, let's dive into some essential services that will prepare your vehicle for winter.

Winter Services to Prepare for Winter Driving

1. Tire Rotation: Tire rotations, which are included in our "Winter Service Special," are a proactive step to prevent uneven tire wear and to enhance tire grip on icy roads. Uneven tire wear poses additional risks in snowy & icy road conditions. A tire rotation is included in the regular cost of our "Winter Service Special" for cars and light trucks. This service is also available for heavy-duty trucks, for an additional fee.

2. Change Your Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter: Regular checks and changes of air filters are a proactive measure to optimize engine performance and ensure clean air circulation inside your vehicle. Our team will check both of these filters during the "Winter Service Special." During the vehicle inspection our Technicians document and take photos of all potential concerns. Your Service Advisor will share their findings & photos with you, empowering you to make informed decisions about your vehicle's health & safety.

3. Cooling System Service: It's important to protect your engine from freezing with the right coolant. With our "Winter Service Special" our team will analyze your cooling system to help you decide if it's time for a cooling system service. A cooling system service ensures your engine is protected from freezing temperatures, which is a vital step in winter preparation. Talk to your Service Advisor if you are interested in a cooling system service. You can also choose to have this completed on it's own. Alternatively, it can be included along with our "Winter Service Special" for an additional charge.

4. Oil Change Service: The lifeblood of your vehicle is regular oil services! Beyond simple routine maintenance, this service removes contaminants in your engine oil. Doing so reduces friction to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently in winter conditions. An oil service is included in our "Winter Service Special." Our team will drain and replace your current engine oil, with up to 5 quarts of our synthetic blend oil. We will also replace your current oil filter.

Now that we've equipped you with essential winter maintenance tips, let me introduce you to our $199 Winter Service Special. This service encompasses these winter tips & services, and more! Like a brake inspection, topping off all fluids, and setting the proper tire pressure. Also included are new windshield wiper blades, to ensure you have good vision on the road. This service is designed to provide your vehicle with the care it deserves this season. To ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones, during all your winter drives! Here is an additional blog you can read, for 5 Tips For Winter Driving. These tips include a Winter Safety Checklist and a list of items to keep in your vehicle for a Winter Emergency Kit.

Winter Service Special at Graham Auto Repair 2023

Now, introducing our $199 Winter Service Special:

  • Drain & replace engine oil up to 5 quarts, with a synthetic blend oil.
  • Replace the oil filter.
  • Inspection of tires, filters, belts, hoses, fluids, steering & suspension.
  • Testing of the cooling & heating systems.* 
  • Lubrication of suspension, doors, and hood.
  • Installation of new windshield wiper blades
  • Checking for leaks and topping off all fluids
  • Completing a computer code check with a road test. *
  • Completing a brake inspection. **
  • Completing a tire rotation. **
  • Setting proper tire pressure.

* Please note: If you determine that additional diagnostic and/or repair services are needed, there will be an additional charge. However, no services will be completed without your permission. Our Technicians will document and take photos of all concerns that are found during inspections and testing. Your Service Advisor will share our Technicians findings & photos with you by email and/or text. We will assist you in determining what services, if any, are further needed to keep your vehicle safely on the road.

** The pricing listed is for cars and light trucks. We can complete a brake inspection and tire rotation for heavy duty trucks for an additional cost. Ask your Service Advisor for details regarding these charges.

Special Details:

  • Winter Service Special Price: $199.00 + taxes and applicable fees.
  • Act now as this offer expires on February 29, 2024

How to Schedule Your Winter Service:

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