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How Often Should I Change My Oil?

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

How often should I change my oil?   Many people want to know How Often You Should Change Your Oil. The standard saying that we’ve always heard is, “Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles or Every 3 Months.”   But the question is, is that still true? The answer may surprise you: YES!   A quick Google Search asking, “How Often Should I Change My Oil?” will get you a large variety of answers with conflicting information. Many articles will tell you that the best thing to do is to Consult Your Owner’s Manual. Some articles will tell you that the Auto Repair Industry is lying to you, trying to make more money off you, by telling you to change your oil too often.   But let’s stop and consider something for a moment: if you wait 10,000 or 15,000 miles (or even more!) to get an oil change, and your car breaks down faster because of it, who is benefiting from this the most? The Car Sales Industry would surely benefit, b ... read more


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