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What Are Royalty Rewards

What Are Royalty Rewards

What is Graham Auto Repair's Royalty Rewards Program?   We are so glad you asked! (And if you didn't ask, we're glad that you decided to stick around and read the blog anyway haha.)   Graham Auto Repair Rewards is a unique program that rewards you every time you visit us for services. For every dollar you spend, you earn points towards FREE Loyalty Certificates from Graham Auto Repair.     A Guaranteed Return with Every Purchase!   For every 600 points you accumulate, you will automatically receive a $30 Loyalty Certificate to redeem on your next visit. Most purchases earn 1 point for every dollar spent - some promotional purchases may earn more. Best of all, There is No Limit to the Rewards you can Earn!   It's FREE . . . Seriously!   There is no charge or fee associated with the Graham Auto Repair Rewards Program. If you're interested in joining the Royalty Rewards Program just ask t ... read more


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