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How to Check Tires

How to Check Tires

It's important to know when it's time to Buy New Tires. It is extremely unsafe to drive on worn out Tires! So today we are going to answer the question: "How Do I Check My Tires?" We are going to give you 5 different things to look for, to help you decide when it's Time to Replace Your Tires. Also! Check out our YouTube Video  by clicking on the image below; where, our Service Advisor, Rob Flint, answers this question for us.   5 Ways to Check Your Tires   1. Check the Tread DepthAt 3/32 it's Time to Replace Your TiresYou can watch the YouTube Video to see an example of How to Check the Tread Depth of Your Tires. The easiest, most straight-forward way to Check Your Tires is to use a Tread Depth Gauge ... read more


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