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  • Convenient Options While You Wait For Auto Repairs

    Thursday 13 June 2019

    Who likes to sit in a boring, uncomfortable Waiting Room for hours while they get their Automotive Work done? Or worse yet, what if the Auto Shop doesn't have a Waiting Room, and you're left standing or walking around for an unknown amount of time, hoping that the work will be finished quickly?   At Graham Auto Repair we have options to make your Automotive Work easier for you!       We Have a Comfy Waiting Room Sit back and relax while you wait! At Graham Auto R... read more

  • Why Does My Car Overheat?

    Thursday 06 June 2019

    Why Does My Car Overheat?   Are you having problems with keeping your car cool? This becomes even more of an issue when the temperature outside starts climbing, in the Summer months. So let's discuss some common problems that can cause your Vehicle to Overheat. We want to help make sure that you can keep your car cool!   Possible Reasons Your Car Overheats   1. A Leak in your Cooling System   One of the major causes of a vehicle overheating can be c... read more

  • How Often Should I Change My Oil?

    Thursday 30 May 2019

    How often should I change my oil?   Many people want to know How Often You Should Change Your Oil. The standard saying that we’ve always heard is, “Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles or Every 3 Months.”   But the question is, is that still true? The answer may surprise you: YES!   A quick Google Search asking, “How Often Should I Change My Oil?” will get you a large variety of answers with conflicting information. Many articles will te... read more

  • How To Jump A Car

    Thursday 23 May 2019

    If you've ever had a dead battery then you've probably found yourself asking the question:   "How Do I Jump Start My Car?"   The first thing that you need to know is if your battery is actually dead. If you need help with this, check out our other post, “Why Won’t My Car Start?”   If you’ve already verified that you have a De... read more

  • Why Won't My Car Start?

    Thursday 16 May 2019

    Why Won’t My Car Start? or Why Won’t My Car Turn Over?   It can be pretty scary when Your Car Won’t Start or Turn Over! Thank goodness that today we can rely on a quick Google Search to find out some possible answers for why, or to find out what’s going on.   Here are some questions you can ask if you want help determining the problem yourself:   1. Can you turn the key in the ignition? If n... read more

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