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Happy Birthday Shane!

Happy Birthday Shane!

It's time to celebrate another birthday with our Team! Watch a video of our celebration! Shane started working with our team shortly after we opened our second location in June 2022. We are extremely thankful for the smile and laughter that Shane brings to our team! Keeping things fun is one of our Team Essentials. Shane knows how to keep up our team's light-hearted energy in an industry that's tough! Shane is always willing to go the extra mile for our team and for our customers. Already he has demonstrated a strong passion for our mission through his dedication and hard work. Shane grew-up on a ranch where he found his love for fixing things. This drove him to his passion for the challenge of repairing cars. He is thankful for the opportunity to support his family by doing something he loves, while getting to serve our customers. Shane and his wife Margo have three children: Nick, Gabe, and Nikol. They also have two dogs named Lady and Buck. When Shane isn ... read more