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Graham Auto Repair - New YouTube Video about Wearing Face Masks

Click on the Photo or this Link to watch our Video on YouTube.

Health and Safety Update

If you haven't heard already, in Washington State it is now required for businesses to have their customers wear Face Masks when entering their facility. At Graham Auto Repair we understand that not everyone is able to wear Face Masks. Watch our video or read below about some of the accommodations that we are making so that you can continue to be served at Graham Auto Repair, even if you are unable to wear a Face Mask.

The Health and Safety of our Customers and our Team is very important to us! We hope to make this as comfortable and easy as possible for everyone.

Wearing Face Masks

Graham Auto Repair - Service Advisors are Wearing Face Masks

1. Our Team members will be wearing Face Masks when they meet with you. We are continuing to practice Social Distancing by staying 6 feet apart. We have signs posted to remind everyone of this.
2. If you do not have a Face Mask or you forget yours, we can provide one for you.
3. If you cannot wear a Face Mask, pull your vehicle into the Service Entrance and give us a call 253-847-2221. One of our Service Advisors will come out to meet you so that you do not have to come inside.
Graham Auto Repair - Locked Key Drop Box for Contactless Service
Click on the Photo or this Link to watch our Video of the Locked Key Drop Box.

4. You can use our Locked Key Drop Box to drop off your vehicle After Hours; or utilize this option during our Open Hours as a contactless option. For more details on how to use the Locked Key Drop Box check out our YouTube Video.
5. If you live locally, we can have your vehicle picked-up and dropped-off before and after your vehicle is serviced in our Shop.
6. You can pay for your services over the phone using a credit card.

If you have any questions or would like to Schedule an Appointment at Graham Auto Repair, give us a call 253-847-2221. We look forward to serving you!

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