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What is Rotor Resurfacing?

What is Brake Rotor Resurfacing?

What is Rotor Resurfacing?

At Graham Auto Repair, we believe in keeping our customers informed about vehicle maintenance. Understanding what maintenance is needed and when is essential. We want to ensure that your vehicle doesn't breakdown, which can be more expensive and time consuming to repair. One common service we offer is rotor resurfacing. If you're wondering what rotor resurfacing is and if it's an option for your vehicle, this blog is for you.

Rotor resurfacing is also known as rotor turning or machining. It is a process that smooths out the surface of your brake rotors. Why is this needed? Rotors are constantly under friction and heat that's created when you brake. Over time they can develop grooves, uneven wear, and other imperfections. Resurfacing will remove the imperfections and restore a smooth and even surface. Which is great, because it improves your braking performance! But it also extends the life of your rotors, so you don't have to replace them as soon. 

Can I resurface my brake rotors?

Is rotor resurfacing always possible? Rotor resurfacing is a great way to extend the life of your brake rotors. Unfortunately, it's not always an option. During the Brake Inspection our Technicians examine your rotors to determine which option is right for your vehicle. They use a digital inspection to take photos and write detailed notes about what they find. Then our Service Advisors share those notes with you! Here are some key factors they need to consider during the inspection:

1. Rotor Thickness:

Rotors need to be a certain thickness in order to be resurfaced. During the resurfacing process, material is removed in order to make them smooth again. For that reason, they must have enough material left to meet the minimum thickness, which is set by the manufacturer. If the rotors are too thin, resurfacing them can compromise their structural integrity and safety.

2. Rotor Damage:

Some rotors may be severely damaged, warped, or cracked. In those instances, resurfacing them may not be sufficient to restore them. Our Technicians will let you know if replacing them is the only safe option.

3. Rotor Wear:

Sometimes rotors can be worn unevenly or have deep grooves. Some of these instances will mean that resurfacing them will not be enough. When the wear on your rotors is too extensive they will need to be replaced.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing at Graham Auto Repair

When do you replace brake rotors?

How do you know if it's time to resurface or replace your rotors? There are some signs that you can watch for. Here are some concerns to consider:

1. Braking Vibrations:

Feeling vibrations when you apply the brakes is often a sign of uneven rotor surfaces.

2. Braking Noise:

Squeaking or grinding noises can indicate that your rotors are worn and need attention.

3. Braking Performance:

If your braking performance has declined, resurfacing your rotors might help to restore it.

Rotor resurfacing is an effective way to maintain your vehicle's braking system. However, depending on the rotor condition, it may not be possible. Vehicle maintenance and brake inspections are important to ensure your brakes will keep you safe on the road. At Graham Auto Repair, our skilled technicians can inspect your rotors to determine which brake components need to be repaired. They will tell you if it's tine to resurface or replace your rotors, as well.

If you have any questions about rotor resurfacing or need to schedule a brake inspection, contact us today. We're here to help you keep you safe on the road!

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