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Do You Work Weekends?

Do You Work Weekends?

  At Graham Auto Repair weekends are the time to relax. We know how hard you work during the week, especially in the automotive industry. Our team puts a ton of energy into everything they do here! We want our team to know they aren't going to get an unexpected phone call on the weekend. You know the call: asking you to give up your weekend to cover someone's shift. Why are we closed on the weekend? We have heard this question a few times. We understand it would be convenient for our customers if we were open every day. But we value our team as much as we value our customers. We know everyone needs time over the weekend to rejuvenate. Including you! Instead we have other convenient options for our customers. We have courtesy pick-up and drop-off for our local customers. We have courtesy loaner cars that can be scheduled in advance. We also have a locked key-box for after-hours. Our customers can drop off their vehicles early in the morning before work, or in the even ... read more


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