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What is Our Vehicle In-Process?

Hi! Welcome to Graham Auto Repair!

Today we are going to share with you our current Vehicle In-Process. If you don't know what I mean by that: the process that we go through when we process our customers' vehicles before having any repair or maintenance services completed at our Shop. Some of these steps have always been part of our process. But recently, due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, we have begun adding even more steps for added assurance of Health and Safety. Check out our YouTube Video by clicking on the Link or on the Picture above. In this Video our Service Advisor Rob goes through our Vehicle In-Process steps that we are going to discuss below.

Graham Auto Repair - Social Distancing              Graham Auto Repair - Sanitizer Station

First things first: greeting our Customers! If it's been awhile since you've come to Graham Auto Repair you may notice a couple of things that are new around here. If you are new here, welcome! We are practicing Social Distancing and taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of both our Team and our Customers. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you bring your vehicle to drop it off before Services at Graham Auto Repair:

1. We have a sign posted on the door and at both of the Service Advisor's Desks that says, "Welcome! For your safety please keep 6 feet between you and others! Thank you!"

2. We have a Sanitizer Station available for customers to sanitize their hands, as well as sinks in our restroom and at our Coffee Bar.

3. We have Red Lines on the ground to help customers see where they can stand to stay a safe distance from our Service Advisors and from each other.

Graham Auto Repair Service Advisor Gloves and Face Mask

4. Our Service Advisors will be wearing Gloves and Face Masks when greeting customers (no hand-shakes!) and during the Vehicle In-Process.

5. Our Service Advisors will use disinfecting wipes and our newest Ultraviolet Lighting Technology to sanitize your keys. You can read more about our UV Lighting Technology, how it works, and how we are using it by reading our Blog Post "UV Lighting" by clicking on this Link.

Graham Auto Repair UV Light Technology

6. Our Service Advisors will use disinfecting wipes and our UV Lighting Technology to sanitize your vehicle: Door handles (in and out), Steering Wheel, Gear Shift, Emergency Break, Car Seat, Head Rest, etc.

7. Our Service Advisors will put Steering Wheel Covers, Seat Covers, and a Floor Mat inside your vehicle.

We hope that by adding the UV Lighting Technology to our current Vehicle In-Process we will be able to provide our customers with an added sense of safety and security. At Graham Auto Repair we always perform a courtesy Vehicle Health Inspection during regular Services. Throughout the Repair or Maintenance we take pictures of your vehicle that we can send to you via text or email. If you do not want to come inside our Shop to drop-off your vehicle we have multiple choices for you. You can utilize our After-Hours Key Lock Box to drop off your key and leave your vehicle locked. You can call us at 253-847-2221 if you have any questions about how this works. You can also watch our YouTube Video on using our Key Lock Box as well. If you do not want to (or cannot) leave your home at this time, we can set up a time to come and pick-up your vehicle before your services, and drop it off when we are done. Just let us know the best way that we can serve you and help you to stay healthy and safe. If this information has been helpful, please consider sharing it so that others can see what we are doing too.

We look forward to serving you!

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