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Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections at Graham Auto Repair to Keep You Safe on The Road

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections at Graham Auto Repair: Ensuring Your Safety on the Road

At Graham Auto Repair, we prioritize your safety by offering thorough vehicle inspections which are performed by our skilled technicians. We offer routine vehicle check-ups, pre-purchase inspections, brake inspections, and detailed diagnostic inspections. With all of these services, our team will partner with you to keep your vehicle performing at its best! Let’s discuss the reason behind inspections, and the different inspections that we offer at both of our locations.

The importance of vehicle inspections

Regular vehicle inspections are important to maintain your car's safety and performance. They help you identify any potential concerns before your vehicle breaks down. Is it time to complete a regular maintenance service? Does your vehicle have a fluid leak or worn-out parts? Is it time to replace your brake pads or resurface your rotors? All of these things can be identified and scheduled during an inspection. It’s our goal to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. We don’t want you to end up with an unexpected breakdown that could have been prevented! Our inspections include a comprehensive check of your vehicle, from brakes to the engine.

Graham Auto Repair Technicians Completing Inspections and Diagnostic Testing

Free Vehicle Health Inspections at Graham Auto Repair

Every time you bring your vehicle in for a service, we complete a free vehicle health inspection. Our technicians will take photos and notes about everything they find during this inspection; whether good or potentially bad. Your Service Advisor will share all of these details with you and suggest any necessary services that you may want to schedule today, or for a future visit.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection at Graham Auto Repair

Are you considering the purchase of a “new to you” used car? Our pre-purchase inspections will provide you with peace of mind before making that purchase. We will thoroughly examine the vehicle to ensure it’s a sound investment. We will provide you with a printed copy of our inspection that you can use when communicating with the vehicle seller. This should help you avoid any unknown concerns that could lead to costly repairs down the road.

Brake Inspections at Graham Auto Repair

Ensuring your braking system is in top condition is crucial for your safety. Regular brake inspections can prevent serious issues and ensure that your vehicle can stop effectively, every time you drive. During a brake inspection, our technicians will inspect the brake pads, rotors, and other components for wear and tear, check the brake lines and hoses for any leaks or damage, test the brake fluid levels and condition, and evaluate the overall performance of the braking system to ensure efficient and safe operation. They will inform you of any potential concerns, parts that need to be replaced or repaired, and any maintenance services that should be completed.

Diagnostic Services - Vehicle Inspections and Testing at Graham Auto Repair

Is your check engine light on? Have you heard any strange noises, or noticed fluid leaks on your driveway? Did your vehicle break down unexpectedly or your battery quit working? Have you experienced difficulty starting your vehicle? Our technicians can complete a diagnostic inspection to pinpoint exactly what is causing these concerns, and more. These inspections are designed to address specific things that you have been experiencing. The more information that you share with your Service Advisor the better! How long has this been happening? How often does it happen? Is it only in cold weather, or when you’ve been driving for extended periods of time? You never know what details may be helpful, so share them all! Our technicians will use advanced diagnostic tools and testing to accurately identify what’s causing your concerns. Before completing any repairs, your Service Advisor will share all of the details with you. They will share our Technician’s suggestions for necessary repairs and seek your approval.

Personalized Recommendations at Graham Auto Repair

One thing that sets Graham Auto Repair apart is our detailed feedback. During inspections our technicians use iPads to document their findings with photos and detailed notes. Your Service Advisor will share the digital inspection with you via email and/or text. This personalized approach ensures you understand the current condition of your vehicle and the recommended repairs or maintenance. It’s our goal to partner with you in keeping your vehicle at its best performance, so that you are safe on the road!

If you have any concerns or believe it's time for a check-up, book an appointment with us today! And if you have any questions about how things work at Graham Auto Repair, feel free to ask your Service Advisor. We look forward to serving you in Graham, WA and Yelm, WA!

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At Graham Auto Repair we prioritize your safety and your vehicle's health. Our team of ASE Certified Technicians is dedicated to provide you with transparent, quality, and professional service. We perform a comprehensive digital vehicle inspection with every service. We also provide a lifetime warranty on most parts and labor. Schedule your appointment with us today to experience peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

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