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What Is Socktember?

Graham Auto Repair with ARES Restoration - Socktember 2021

What is SOCK-Tember??

In this video Lacie from Graham Auto Repair, met-up with Jon from ARES "Advanced Restoration Environmental Services" in Graham, WA. They discuss SOCKtember, what it is, how it works, and why we are doing it.


During the month of September businesses are collectingNew Socksthat will be donated to local charities. There are many different teams competing to collect the most New Socks this year! At Graham Auto Repair we are a drop-off location for TeamARES aka "The Best Dang Sock-Raising Team" in Pierce County, WA.

We want to raise A LOT of socks this year so that we can WIN!! And of course to support local charities!

Here Are the Sock Drop-Off Sites for our Team: 

- Graham Auto Repair in Graham, WA 

- Graham Business Association in Graham, WA 

- Edward Jones by Jimmy Morgan in Graham, WA 

- The Collected Home in University Place, WA 

- Tacoma Trophy in Tacoma, WA 

- The Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce in Puyallup, WA

- Amazon Wish List Online


You can also contact Jon or Charles from ARES  to pick-up your New Socks!

- Contact Jon Isaacson - 253-355-8436 - [email protected]

- Contact Charles Zachary - 253-677-6260 - [email protected]

You can watch the video for more details, or keep reading below!

Here are the Teams Competing in 2021: 

- Our Team: The Best DANG Sock-Raising Team in Pierce County

- Sisters for Socks in Seattle, WA (The 2020 Winners)

- Sock Unicorns in Puyallup, WA

- Groovy Tube Socks in Atlanta, GA

- Culture Sock in Sandiego, CA

- New England No Shows in Alton Bay, NH

- Sock Hawks in Tacoma, WA

- Team Onside in Canada

- Sock it To Me in Virginia

- Alliance for Socks in San Luis Obispo, CA

- Sock it Right in Boonsboro, MD

Graham Auto Repair Socktember 2021 Drop-Off Location

Why SOCKtember?

2020 was the first year of this fun, new Annual Competitive Sock Raising Event! Last year, in the middle of all the shut-downs, Jon and his team were looking for a way to connect with people. The shut-downs made it harder than ever for us to meet-up in person. Their hope was to create a March Madness type of theme. Businesses working together in their community to Do Good, while competing in a fun way! This was a way for them to reach out to their clients and friends, and even keep their own Team engaged.

This year's event has expanded! Some of the people who donated last year decided to create their own Sock Raising Team! This year we have businesses participating outside of Washington State, even into Canada.

Everyone LOVES New Socks!!

Jon says that he chose SOCKS for more than one reason. First of all, it's easy to pick-up an extra pair of socks when shopping. Businesses who want to participate can even order pallets of socks and have them sent in! New, clean socks are something that most of us take for granted. With the colder, Winter months right around the corner - everyone can use a new pair of socks! They were able to raise a total of over 5,500 New Socks last year! That meant they were able to bring a significant number of socks to local charities, who were so grateful for the donation.

Drop off your New Sock Donations in September at Graham Auto Repair!

Thank you so much for your support!

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