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Do The Right Thing | Graham Auto Repair Essential #1

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At Graham Auto Repair we have 24 Team Essentials. These are words we live by. We use these essentials in the way we communicate with each other on a daily basis. If we see someone who is exemplifying one of our essentials, we celebrate! Likewise, if someone is struggling with one of our essentials - we use that as an opportunity to communicate and grow. One way that we celebrate success is by giving each other Stars!

“Integrity is not about convenience. It’s an unwavering commitment to do the right thingin every action and every decision we make; even when no one’s looking.

Make decisions that build strong, trusting relationships.”

Graham Auto Repair Essential - Do The Right Thing with Integrity and Honest Auto Repair

Let’s talk about Essential #1: Integrity

Sadly, the Automotive Industry has not always been known for its Integrity. Whether we are talking about automotive sales, insurance, repair, or maintenance: there is an underlying fear that you may be taken advantage of. At Graham Auto Repair it is our goal to change that, one service and one customer at a time!

With integrity comes transparency. We offer transparency through things like our Digital Vehicle Inspections. Our Automotive Technicians take pictures before, during, and after services. This gives you the confidence that we are performing everything with the utmost care, honesty, and integrity.

Mechanic Performing a Digital Vehicle Inspection at Graham Auto Repair  Honest Auto Repair with Courtesy Vehicle Inspections at Graham Auto Repair

We also offer transparency through our website and social media. Through our photos, videos, and blogs, we hope to offer you a window into what life at Graham Auto Repair looks like! That way, whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, you know in advance who you will be meeting and what we stand for as a Team.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment you can call us at 253-847-2221.

You can send us a message using the Chat feature on our website. Just look for the blue chat symbol at the bottom right of your screen!

Did you know: Graham Auto Repair is Hiring Automotive Technicians!

Check out this link  to read details on our Blog

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