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How Do I Check My Oil?

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How Do I Check My Oil?

It is important to Check Oil Often. In today’s blog we are going to give you a few steps to follow so that you can Check Your Oil today. If you are asking, “How Often Should I Change My Oil?” you can  read our blog post here.

Step 1: Prep Your Car

First thing you want to do is park your vehicle on a flat, level surface with the engine turned off. Let your car cool down before Checking Your Oil. Pop the hood open and get ready to Check The Oil!

Step 2: Find the Dipstick

Next you will need to locate the Dipstick. This may or may not be easy to find. Sometimes it will have a colored handle that is yellow or orange. If you do not see it, you can check your owner’s manual for it's location.

Step 3: Clean the Dipstick

Next thing you will want to do is clean the Dipstick off so that you can get an accurate reading. You will want to have a paper towel or fabric towel handy to do this. Pull out the Dipstick, wipe it off, then put it back in.

Step 4: Read the Dipstick

Now pull out the Dipstick again. Since you cleaned it off, you should have a more accurate reading of what level your oil is at. At the end of the Dipstick you will see two lines. One will indicate if your Oil is low (L for Low), the other will indicate if your Oil is full (H for High). Take note of where your Oil level is on the Dipstick. You will also want to note the color of the Oil. Wipe the Oil off on your towel again to see the color. You want the Oil to be a beautiful golden or amber brown.

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Common Concerns

Two common concerns that you want to watch out for is: The Oil Level is Too Low and The Oil Color is Too Dark.

Concern 1: Oil Level is Too Low

If the Oil Level is Too Low this may show that your vehicle is Leaking Oil or your vehicle may be Burning Oil. The best way to address this concern is to schedule an appointment to find out why your Oil is Low. If your Oil is too low, make sure that you add oil before driving it! Contact us as soon as possible to Schedule an Appointment. Let our Service Advisors know about your concerns and they can assist you with the best steps to protect your vehicle before your appointment.

Concern 2: Oil Color is Too Dark

If the Oil Color is Too Dark then it is time to Schedule an Oil Change Service. We have more info on How Often to Change Your Oil in our blog post here. Check out the picture below to see an example of correct and incorrect Oil colors.

Graham Auto Repair - Check My Engine Oil Color - Engine Oil Should Be Golden Brown

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