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Tips to Increase Fuel Economy

How Do I Save Money on Gas? Increase Fuel Economy with Graham Auto Repair Blog

How Do I Save Money on Gas? Increase Fuel Economy with Graham Auto Repair Blog


How Do I Save Money on Gas?

With gas prices on the rise, we are all looking for ways to save money at the pump! Other than not driving or car-pooling (those aren't always options) what can we do??

I asked my team for help. Keep reading to find out some pretty simple tips we can follow in order to increase our fuel economy.

Give us a call if you have any questions! Our Service Advisors will be happy to tell you which services are applicable to your specific vehicle.

Complete an Oil Change and a GDI Service at Graham Auto Repair

1. Complete an Oil Change Service

Engines are made up of many moving parts which need to be lubricated to avoid damage. By maintaining your vehicle with regular oil services you will improve your gas mileage and your vehicle's longevity. Ready this blog, "How Often Should I Change My Oil?" for more info.


2. Complete a GDI Service

What does GDI stand for? Gasoline Direct Injection engines, which is a technology that most vehicles are now built with. A GDI service is a 3 step process that will clean out your fuel system by injecting additives. This service will clean out your intake, the back of your valves, the throttle body and plate, the fuel system injectors, and the fuel rail.

Proper Wheel Alignment Proper Tire Air Pressure

3. Check for Proper Wheel Alignment

Along with giving you a smoother drive and increased safety, proper wheel alignment can increase your fuel efficiency. Misaligned tires can drag, which can decrease your gas mileage as well.


4. Check for Proper Tire Air Pressure

By maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires you will reduce their rolling resistance. With a smoother drive and increased tire traction you will see a slight increase in your fuel economy. 

Replace Air Filter Replace PCV Valve at Graham Auto Repair

5. Replace the Air Filter

The air filter keeps debris and dirt out of the air intake system. This will increase the life of your motor. When your filter is clogged it will decrease your engine's power and performance. By replacing the filter you will see improved acceleration of your engine.


6. Replace the PCV Valve

The PCV valve controls the gases that are produced when your vehicle is running and burning fuel. If this valve is plugged it will slow down the system which will decrease your fuel efficiency. 

Replace Spark Plugs Replace Fuel Filter at Graham Auto Repair

7. Replace the Spark Plugs

By replacing the spark plugs you will find that the fuel burns better and cleaner, which will create a more complete combustion in your engine.


8. Replace the Fuel Filter

This filter keeps debris out of your vehicles fuel system. When the fuel filter is cleaner it will be more efficient at doing it's job, keeping the fuel and the system cleaner. Keeping the system cleaner means less resistance so the fuel can flow more smoothly. 

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