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The Hidden Cost of Using Water In Your Vehicle's Cooling System

Are you a company that manages a fleet of vehicles to keep your business running? As fleet managers, maintaining peak performance and maximizing cost-efficiency are top priorities. While water may seem like a readily available and inexpensive alternative to coolant, the potential consequences can be significantly detrimental to your fleet's health and budget.

Why should water never replace coolant in your vehicle's cooling system?

1. Improper Temperature Regulation:

Water lacks the heat transfer capacity of coolant. This can lead to potential overheating and engine damage.

2. Increased Risk of Freezing:

Water's higher freezing point poses a risk of ice formation within the engine block during cold weather. This can cause cracks in your system, resulting in expensive repairs.

3. Accelerated Corrosion:

Water lacks the anti-corrosion properties of coolant. This can lead to premature wear and tear on essential engine components.

3 Reasons to Use Coolant Instead of Water

Investing in regular coolant services and inspections is crucial for preventing these costly concerns. Which will ensure the optimal performance of your fleet, keeping your business up and running without delay! At Graham Auto Repair we offer comprehensive fleet maintenance solutions; including expert coolant services. Contact us today to discuss your fleet's specific needs. Let us partner with you in keeping your vehicle fleet running smoothly and efficiently.

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