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Stay Safe in the Sun

Stay Safe in the Sun!

July is UV Safety Month. Now that we are fully into the Summer Season it's important that we are all practicing safety in the sun!




Here are 15 tips for Sun Safety:


1. The first (most obvious, but also forgotten) tip is to wear sunscreen! And of course our kids will complain (and sometimes so will we) but it’s so important!!!


2. Don’t forget: Sunscreen is only a filter; it does not block all UV Rays. Even with proper sunscreen use, some UV Rays will still get through. It’s important to remember that Sunscreen doesn’t make you invulnerable and able to spend unlimited amounts of time in the sun.


3. Sunscreen is available in many forms: lotions, creams, ointments, lip balms. Make sure that you check the label and know how much protection your sunscreen has. Sunscreens with broad spectrum protection, against both UVA and UVB Rays, and with an SPF value of 30 or higher, are recommended.


4. Put on a shirt. If you’re going to be outside, even swimming, it can be helpful if you protect yourself even further by wearing a shirt. Don’t leave all of the protection down to the sunscreen.


5. Wear a hat. It’s really easy for us to get sunburns on our faces – by wearing a hat (with at least a 2-3-inch brim) and sunglasses you are keeping those harmful UV Rays away from your face, ears, scalp, and also from your eyes! If you wear a baseball hat, don’t forget that it will not protect the back of your neck.


6. Wear sunglasses! UV-blocking sunglasses are important to protect not only your eyes, but also the delicate skin around your eyes. Before you purchase sunglasses, check the label to ensure that they block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB Rays.


7. The UV Rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm. Try and do most of your outdoor activities outside of this timeframe; but if you must be outside during these times, make sure that you are extra safe!


8. Step into the shade! Try not to spend too much time in direct sunlight, when possible. This is especially important during the hours between 10am-4pm! If you’re


9. UV Rays can get through to the ground, even on a cloudy day! Don’t count on clouds to keep you safe from the Sun. Make sure that you still use sunscreen even if it’s a cloudy day.


10. UV Rays can bounce off surfaces like water, sand, pavement, and grass, causing an increase in UV exposure.


11. UV Rays reach the ground at higher elevations. If you are planning a trip to the Mountains this Summer, make sure to take extra precautions against harmful UV Rays from the sun!


12. If you plan on doing any water activities, make sure that you are reapplying sunscreen often! Sunscreens can claim to be “water resistant” but check the label to see how much time they will actually protect the skin, while wet. Also – don’t forget that the best time to do any water activities will be outside of that 10am-4pm timeframe, when the sun’s rays are the strongest.


13. Make sure that when doing any outdoor activity for an extended period of time (not just water activities) that you are reapplying sunscreen. You should be reapplying at least every 2 hours.


14. When you’re taking a Road Trip during those sunny hours, it’s important to protect your skin inside your vehicle as well. The windows will protect you from a lot of the UV Rays, but not all of them. Keep your windows/sunroof closed; wear sunscreen and sunglasses.


One Final Tip for Your Car in the Sun:


15. Make sure that if you’re doing any type of driving in the sun, especially long Road Trips, that you are practicing Car Safety.


Check out our Blog Post “Preparing Your Car For A Road Trip” for our tips on preparing your car for a Road Trip.


Enjoy Your Summer! And Stay Safe in the Sun!



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