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Red Ring on Spark Plugs

Red Ring on Spark Plugs

What Does a Red Ring on Spark Plugs Mean? Have you found a red ring on your spark plugs? Understanding the signs your engine is sharing is a crucial step to maintain your vehicle's health. At Graham Auto Repair we emphasize the value of regular maintenance for your vehicles. We want to ensure your cars are safe and reliable, to help you prevent future breakdowns. Before we dive into what can cause a red ring on your spark plugs, it's important to distinguish it from normal color changes. A brown or tan stain is generally considered normal. It is sometimes caused by oil and dirt particles, and is usually harmless. In contrast, a red ring can be a visible sign of a more serious condition. If you feel unsure which color you're dealing with, call and talk with our team. Our Service Advisors will be more than happy to help you! 1. Excessive Engine Heat: If your spark plug shows a red ring, it might be warning you ... read more


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